Air-Water Heat Exchanger


Engineering, Prototype Fabrication and Testing services required to understand and performance-test various gasket, fitting, & end plate configurations for a new Air to Water Heat Exchanger Design.


  • Identify fittings, gasket materials, fasteners and assembly techniques which will become part of the mock-up(s) for testing.
  • Assemble prototypes, prepare test protocols and perform testing to verify performance of Heat Exchanger and sub components under a range of in-service conditions.
  • Perform AFT Hydraulic Analysis of entire system to confirm piping design, and chiller selection.


  • Prototypes of various components and a Sub-Scale Heat Exchanger unit for full range performance testing at Southwest Research Institute.
  • Engineering reports documenting results from Hydrostatic, Flow Performance (pressure drop), and gasket design tests.


  • Engineering Design Start 11/07
  • Theoretical Calculations 2/08
  • Scale Model Testing 5/08 - 6/08
  • AFT Hydraulic Analysis 9/08