Cooling Tower Blowdown


The plant desires to reclaim Cooling Tower Blowdown Water and utilize it for the purposes of landscape irrigation. This action benefits the plant in two ways; the daily sanitary sewer outflow will be significantly reduced and secondly the city water previously used for landscape irrigation will be conserved. To accomplish this objective, a recovery system has been engineered, designed and installed to capture the cooling tower blowdown and transfer this water to the inlet of the present landscape irrigation system or to a traveling sprinkler irrigation system.


  • Prepare Project Description, Scope of Work, and Preliminary Cost Estimates.
  • Investigate city and state permitting / documentation requirements pertinent to cooling tower blowdown reclaim systems.
  • Analyze plant data, determine projected water savings, estimate system equipment & installation costs and perform cost / feasibility analysis.
  • Size and Select a reclaimed water storage tank, which meets size and budget constraints.
  • Size and Select the transfer pump and piping system, verify selections through AFT hydraulic analysis.
  • Size and Select "Rain Gun" irrigation system, verify performance with pre-selected pump.
  • Determine system controls scheme and associated instrumentation needs.
  • Create a P&ID for the system, and review conceptual design with customer.
  • Prepare design layout(s) for the system, illustrating storage tank location, pump placement, pipe routing, tie-ins, etc.
  • Prepare rebate application for submittal to water authority.


  • Projected Water Savings Spreadsheet.
  • Detailed System design P&ID.
  • Equipment Specifications.
  • Completed Rebate Application / Project Write -Up.


  • Award date - 10/31/02
  • Design Review - 11/22/02
  • System placed in service - 12/31/02