University of Texas at Austin


Fixed-Bid Design-Build Project to upgrade the Flow Lab for the Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Equipment to be added included Turbine Style Flow Meter and a Coriolis Flow Meter. This Flow Lab is used by Students to compare numerical value readings of various Flow Instruments experiencing the same flow stream.

  • Field Measured & Prepared Design Layout for planned modifications, identifying equipment to be removed & fixed-constraint tie-in points. Identified locations of existing laboratory equipment & utilities to maximize student visibility & safety.
  • Prepared detailed installation drawings to illustrate all system piping, valves, un-interrupted pipe diameters upstream and downstream from flow instruments to insure instrument accuracy is unaffected by fittings & valves. Reviewed detailed drawings & component selection with University Faculty & Staff.
  • Identified and ordered commercially-available components, Created design sketches & worked with machine shops on fabrication of custom parts, procured, welded & painted structural components. Built new Pump Base & tie-in new Pump to Liquid side of flow loop.
  • Worked on-site doing demolition and new equipment installation, hydrostatic testing, & functional demonstrations to University Faculty & Staff.


Fully Functional Flow Lab upgraded with Turbine Style and a Coriolis Flow Meters, As-Built Design Drawings, Technical Specs for Critical Components.


Project Start 1/11, Part Fabrication, Procurement & Install 3/11 - 4/11, Lab Operational 4/13/11